AppThink Alumni Spotlight Jimmy Amerson

AppThink Alum: Jimmy Amerson

Aug 5, 2022

How did you get started in tech and entrepreneurship?

I majored in Computer Science in undergrad. Shortly after graduation, I started working as a Computer Programmer and I’ve been in the same field since then.

A few years after graduating I started a web design company to gain some additional experience and ran that alongside my full-time job.

What advice do you have for anyone with an idea or who is currently ‘entrepre-curious’?

Go for it and don’t hesitate. Don’t allow anything to hold you back from pursuing your dreams. If there is something that is deliberately preventing you from pursuing your dreams, find a way to overcome that roadblock.

What idea are you working on right now?

Phone-App-etit is my current start-up idea. In short, it’s a visual discovery platform to help people find local restaurants and food options. I like to describe it as a Google for Restaurants.

Visit their website to learn more about Phone-App-etit and discover new restaurants near you.

What made you decide and how did you start taking steps to actively work on Phone-App-etit?

I decided to pursue Phone-App-etit because I always felt that this was a need that was unfulfilled. There are other discovery platforms but they’re not as focused on the visual aspect as Phone-App-etit is.

I started by sitting down and thinking about what it would take to create a successful restaurant discovery app. I wrote my thoughts down, created some diagrams, and began coding it myself. I initially considered using a third party for development, but ultimately decided it would be better for me to start doing it myself.

What was your biggest takeaway or most helpful to your business from Foundations?

From AppThink I learned that discovery is an extremely important part of the process that can save a lot of time and money.

I think about the word “discovery” every day now, and whenever I come up with a new idea the discovery phase is always the first thing that I think about.

Have a software or tech-enabled product idea?

Foundations offers aspiring founders the tools needed to turn great ideas into great products; helping them translate knowledge into action. The next cohort starts on August 15, and registration is open now!

What would you tell someone considering enrolling in Foundations or a future AppThink course?

I would definitely encourage anyone to do it and not allow anything to hold them back from participating. And be as vocal during the sessions as possible!

article by Lauren DeSeno

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